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If you want to run any of Oracle's GUI tools from a remote machine -- for example, to install Oracle on a remote machine -- you may need to set up X forwarding over SSH.

Step 1: Add the server's IP and name to your hosts file

Edit the file and add something like:	# My Oracle server

Step 2: Set your display variable and start X on your machine

Set your display environment variable to [your IP address]:0 and start X. This example assumes you're using Bash (the default for Cygwin), and that your IP address is :
$ export DISPLAY=
$ startx &

Step 3: Ssh into the remote machine

You may want to use a different shell prompt for this command, because the window you used above will be cluttered with X messages. On most systems, "startx" will have popped up an xterm; use that.

$ ssh -l oracle -Y -b's password:
Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.

You're now logged in to the remote machine. Any X programs you tell it to run will pop up on your local display.

Step 4: Run X programs

Test your X setup by running a simple program like xeyes or xclock.

[]$ xeyes &

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